Decorate your bathroom with printed bath towels

Bath towels are an important part of your bathroom décor. Long gone are the days when you would fold them away in a closet. Now you have the option of decorating your bathroom with towels- printed bath towels.

Here are the five ways through which you can decorate your bathroom with printed bath towels:

Hang them around
Now, you can hang the bath towels around the bathroom in an innovative way. Now you can choose different sizes, shapes, and finishes to match the style of your bathroom. Towel hooks and rods are making a design comeback. Just hang your beautiful towel around and give an edge to your bathroom.

Stack them around in a Basket
If you don’t want to hang them around, then you can always stack them. You can create your own storage solutions. Bins, baskets and decorative cubbies are a great way to show off your creative skills while stocking your towel supply. You can easily roll your towels so that they are taught and slim, and individually place them in your very own designed basket.

Fluff and Fold
One of the most popular ways to artfully display your printed bath towels is by daintily folding them, paying special attention to their natural creases and folds. You can always mix the printed bath towels with the white or monochrome colored ones to give an even more appealing look as you fold them.

Mix and Match
Placing towels in two or three different spots adds a visual texture to balance your bathroom’s clean look. You can artfully display them in a basket near the bathtub, on a towel rod above the toilet or stack them neatly where ever you want. With decorative printed bath towels, the answer is always the more, the merrier.

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