How to keep your hand towels smelling fresh

Hand towel are undoubtedly one of the most used pieces of laundry and are found in every household, keeping these clean is very important. Damp towels when kept moist for longer duration can cause bacterial growth and are even prone to bacteria. That sour smell that your hand towels have is only because of the growth on bacteria on them.

smelling fresh

At Sassoon we understand the health benefits of maintaining hygiene, and its importance to keep your family away from diseases. Therefore we have made a list of few tips that would keep your hand towels away from harmful bacteria and lend them a longer life.

  • When you wash your hands try scrubbing diligently with hand wash or soap. Sweaty hands consists bacteria and if not washed away properly can transfer to hand towels easily; this creates bacterial growth on them.

  • Always hang your hand towels in open air once you have used it. Don’t throw it on your bed or hang on sofa or door, let it dry properly. Make a suitable open place in your house totally designated to hang your hand towels to let them dry, so that you can use it next time.

  • Hanging hand towels on hooks is a good practice, but make sure that not more than one towel is hanged on an individual hook. This can prevent moisture and bacteria to be trapped inside the layers.

  • Clean your washing machine properly, making it a hygienic place to clean your hand towels. Try bleach for disinfecting the interiors, try washing white clothes in bleach prior. This will disinfect the interiors of the washing machine and make it hygienic for washing your hand towels.

  • A very important tip; when washing hand towels try to wash them separately.

  • Wash hand towels in hot water for 15-20 minutes to help prevent them from bad smell. Hot water helps kill all harmful bacteria completely. Also hang them immediately to dry so that the moisture can’t let the bacteria grow again.

  • Hand towels should be washed in every 2-3 days to keep them smelling good and fresh. Also do not use a hand towel more than 4 times after washing.

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