Make bath time fun for your kids

Bath time is perfect opportunity to bond perfectly with your kids. It’s not only a lot of fun but also can be very educational. Most of the kids don’t like bathing and fight it. They may give excuses to prevent bath time like slipping on wet floor, getting soap in eyes, cold water etc. But good and elegant bathrobes for kids can change this hesitation.

Make Bath Time Fun For Your Kids

Also there are plenty of different tricks you as parent can do to make your kid love bath time; below are some of the ideas:

Make bath time a play time

When you are giving your kid a bath don’t make it boring add playfulness and toys to make it more fun for your kids. Get a duck and make it float in the water. Do various experiments with different toys. Also wrap them by bathrobes for kids after bath to keep them dry and away from cold.

Be a good company

Some children don’t like toys and they might prefer your company in the bathtub instead. Make this interesting by singing a song or telling them a story. This can encourage them more to start loving bath time. Also buying beautiful bathrobes for kids can attract them more to take a bath.

Use shampoo in last

Shampoo irritation is often the cause of your child hating bath, since it usually get in their eyes. Use shampoo in the last so that the bath time doesn’t begin with a negative note. Use good bathrobes for kids to clean and dry them up properly.

Keep it short and simple

Make the bath time limited to just 10-15 minutes only. Longer baths can very harmful for his skin making it dry. Once bath is over try to dry him of by bathrobes for kids and apply good baby moisturizer.

Bath time is a very important activity not only for a child but for you as a parent. Try to bond with your kid to make him feel more safe and happy while taking a bath. Also use proper bathrobes for kids to protect them from all infection and diseases.

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