Things to keep in mind when choosing carpets online

At Sassoon, we love helping you in picking up the best carpets online for giving your home, needs, lifestyle and business a perfect look. But the problem is many people are not aware from ware to begin while buying carpets online.


This unawareness can cost you unnecessary stress and time; and can even result in making a poor decision that can undue upkeep. To help resolve this issue we have listed out some points to consider which you can look while buying carpets online. These things can help you make your business or home look better and beautiful.

Where you will place the carpet?

This may sound a silly question, but many people prefer to put carpets outdoor for giving their home or business a good trendy look. Outdoor carpet gives a similar feel like indoor carpeting but they are more weather resistant and durable. Deciding the main application for which you are buying carpets online is the first and foremost step.

Consider the traffic

Not all carpets are of same type, when it comes to durability and resistance to traffic. Indoor carpets such as those for home offices and bedrooms usually require low traffic carpeting. Living room, dens, children’s play area and hallways usually need high traffic carpet. The main difference between these two is the visible pile surface, nap and the way by which the pile is woven in the carpet. A softer, deeper pile, shaggier is generally the best to consider for low traffic areas, while a carpet which doesn’t have a lot of loops or twists are recommended for high traffic. Therefore when you buy carpets online you should understand the traffic of the area you are going to place it in.

Color, Texture and water resistance

Also when you are carpet hunting online you should have a clear picture of the texture you need. There are 5 common carpet textures to consider Plush, Frieze, Saxony, Berber and Textured. The colour and pattern is also a strong point to consider when buying carpets online a good vibrant colour can enhance the aroma of your room or office. Carpets are prone to stains since they consume all the dirt and spills, especially in the case of toddlers who love to give wonderful stains to your carpet. But stain resistance carpets are a convenient solution to this problem, buy carpets online which are stain resistant to be safe from those accidental spills.

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